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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Read all about pelvic floor physical therapy here.

Manual Therapy

We use multiple hands on approaches to treat dysfunction.  Joint mobilization, soft tissue work, stretching, and IAST (instrument assisted soft tissue).  Our therapists are Maitland certified. Every patient will experience a one on one encounter with a consistent therapist and staff ensuring personalized care missing in most rehabilitation settings.  

Neuromuscular Reeducation

The nervous system governs every part of human physiologic existence.  As such, the ability to properly address neurologic dysfunction is imperative to good rehabilitation outcomes.  DSC Performance physical therapy staff are qualified and experienced in all forms of neurodevelopment and treatment approaches.  

Individualized Therapeutic Exercise Program

No two patients or athletes are built the same.  Because of this, DSC Performance Physical Therapy does not use cookie cutter exercise programs.  Each program and treatment protocol are built and progressed to ensure all clients are following paths that progress them efficiently and effectively. 


A large component of physical therapy is the ability for the therapist to educate patients on best treatment practices for any given condition.  However, this education must be framed by therapist and therapy staff ability to listen and learn the particular goals each client enters the clinic possessing.  We take pride in our ability to hear and comprehend our patients needs prior to directing their care.  

Pre and Post Operative Care

Our therapy staff is extremely experienced.  We are adept at preparing and caring for a wide range of surgical interventions.  We also work with most of the local and worldwide top orthopedic surgeons.  This gives us the ability to have personal contact with your medical doctor which enhances our ability to assist you during a post-op treatment course. 

Optimal Performance

We believe in a seamless progression from rehabilitation to peak performance.   Our performance gym is connected directly to our therapy clinic and is staffed with passionate, educated, and experienced strength and conditioning personnel, every patient is guided appropriately toward optimal performance.  Let us help you become the better version you always knew you could be.   

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