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About Us

Purpose guides us, passion drives us

Peak performance in sport, at work, or in everyday life; takes a focused work ethic.  It does not magically appear, nor does it consistently occur without proper planning and execution.   DSC Performance is dedicated to helping everyone execute an evidence-based plan to peak performance. 


When you enter DSC Performance, you bring your own specific goals.  Our plan is to help you define those personal objectives, then build the most efficient and effective way to reach those goals.  Whether you desire is to get back to a desk job, look and feel your best, or if you are a professional athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, a mutually agreed upon plan must be built and followed.  Defining your ultimate goal, evaluating current abilities, setting a course of action, and consistently re-evaluating that course to insure consistent progress.

Reach your full potential

through an integrated approach to elite level physical therapy, fitness, and performance training.

Our Story

In 2002 DSC (Dean Sports Consultants) opened its doors. First working with only a few up and coming surfers. As these athletes showed early success a full performance-training program for surfers began to take shape. Founder and owner Kevyn Dean, MSPT, OCS drew upon his physical therapy background in helping surfers to reach their potential. The core beliefs, which DSC was built on are:


• Character Counts

• Performance through Purpose

• Watch your athletes when it matters

• Learn from the best

• Know what you can control and what you can’t

• As a leader, never stop growing

To read more about our story, click here.

Meet The Team

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