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Class IV Laser:

Many clinics and MD offices provide laser treatment for pain, swelling, and healing.  However, the vast majority of lasers used in therapy and chiropractic clinics today are class III lasers or, Cold Laser, treatment.  Research overwhelmingly supports the use of Class IV lasers for therapy treatment over a Class III.  Fortunately, DSC Performance Physical Therapy possess a Biolase Epic 10, one of the only Class IV lasers in orange county. 


Biomechanics Lab:

360 degree high speed motion capture with force plate testing:

DSC Performance Physical Therapy, and DSC Performance (our connected performance gym) use the tagline “Athletics Perfected”.  Performance goes beyond strength, power, speed, quickness, and flexibility.  These components are only significant when used appropriately.  To ensure our patients and athletes are reaching optimal performance, DSC has added a  Qualysis 360 degree high speed camera system combined with Kistler force plates.  The system affords our therapy and performance staff to scientifically define human biomechanics and performance technique.  Once defined a proper protocol can be prescribed.  We live up to our “Athletics Perfected” tagline.   

Force Plates:

Two metal plates are placed on the ground. The patient/client steps onto the plates and goes through a series of movements. The plates are able to detect and analyze the ground reaction force of athletes during walks, runs, or other physical exercises like jumping. Measurements of accelerations, reactions and imbalances are gathered to provide insights for coaches and Physical Therapists to help create training and rehabilitation programs.

"Purpose guides us, passion drives us"

DSC Performance

San Clemente:

201 Calle de los Molinos,

San Clemente CA, 92672

Tel: (949) 388-5692


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